Staff Group Relaxation Programmes

Corporate Meditation Packages

Tropic of Freedom currently offers group relaxation programmes for corporate companies. These programmes, run for 45 minutes and can easily be slotted into the work day, either in the morning, mid-day or late afternoon.

The secret to a highly effective workforce is calm during the storm. The relaxation technique offered by Tropic of Freedom is geared specifically to assist practitioners to enter a deeply relaxed physical state, whilst refining mental clarity and acuity. By entering this state practitioners are able to connect with their deep inner mental and emotional resources, allowing them to more easily face the challenges of their day with focus and confidence.

This programme is not SETA approved and there are no point based benefits, just the positive impact that it will have on your team.

You can book us for a weekly session or a daily session, if necessary.

The standard cost is R100/Person/Session , but bulk discounts can be negotiated for large groups.

Ensure Office Wellness & Team Focus

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