Our Esoteric Sanction

Tropic of Freedom is an independent organisation. We are not affiliated with any university, nor do we recognise the authority of institutions whose primary purpose is to regulate students into paying exorbitant amounts of money for a purely theoretical degree.

Our degrees are based on intensive practical instruction and your subsequent demonstration of the knowledge, energy and wisdom attained through your own disciplined application of the tools and techniques which you have been given.

Very few people have the wherewithal to attain a qualification beyond the Diploma level,
this is due to the practical nature of our system of instruction.
Only a true aspirant has what it takes to enter the chambers of wisdom.

If you dare enter you may choose one of two streams of study, or both.

*In both streams the title of “Professor” may only be attained based on your demonstration in your world. This is awarded at the sole discretion of the Arch-Chancellor and Dean.

Study Options

Practical Modern Metaphysics may be attended either online or face-to-face. This programme may also be attended with a group or in a one-on-one capacity.

We also offer a number of stand alone modules and programmes, some of which may be offered in an online capacity. Please check the Programme Calendar to see which courses can be attended via online learning.

All other programmes in the degree streams require your attendance in person. Some are residential programmes, while others run over a number of weekends.

  • The Quickening – Six Day Residential
  • Metamorphosis / Alchemy and the Occult – Six Day Residential or Three consecutive weekends
  • Divine Comedy – Seven Day Residential
  • Esoteric Healing 2 – Two Full Consecutive Weekends
  • Esoteric Healing 3 – Two Full Consecutive Weekends

We also offer modules in the areas of Tarot, Magnetism, Earth Changes, Shamanism, Qabalah and Self-Healing.

Every two to three years we also run an extended residential programme for four to six weeks somewhere in the world.

Once you have completed Practical Modern Metaphysics you may attend any one of these modules either face-to-face or online.

Current Set Programme Calendar

The Quickening – Dip. Metaphysics
December 16, 2019
To be revealed