“A hologram is an energy interference pattern.

Within this pattern, every piece contains the whole.”

Holistic reflexology is more than a simple physical treatment. Due to the holographic nature of the foot, Holistic Reflexology impacts on your emotional, mental and spiritual states as well.

Some of the Benefits:

  • Alleviate unnecessary physical and emotional stress
  • Activate the bodies natural healing abilities to speed up post-operative healing
  • Improve the health of glands and bring about hormonal balance
  • Simply unwind with an hour of deep relaxation
  • Release subtle emotional and mental blockages trapped in the body


Time: 1hr 30min / Session

Number of Sessions: To get maximum benefit we recommend three consecutive sessions

R650 / Session

R2100* Five Session Special (if paid in full on the first session)
* Recommended for people seeking healing assistance or who need consistent relaxation.

Other Healing Modalities

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