About Tropic of Freedom

Tropic of Freedom is a nomadic school of metaphysics and healing. You could say it is similar to Terry Pratchett’s Unseen University – it only makes itself visible to a true seeker.
A True Seeker = Someone ready to find and exercise their deep inner power.

Tropic of Freedom is a magical place that exists within you. Deep down inside we are all free, magical and glorious beings, but we have forgotten this fact. We are here to remind you…

Our Mission

An Allegiance to SELF

Tropic of Freedom is an organisation with no allegiances
to any man-made cults, organistations or institutions.
Our only allegiance is to the One SELF, the All That Is.

Everything we offer is to make it possible for you to come to the realisation that you are free.
That this incredible dream, which is called reality, has been created by you, for you.
This is a truth you have simply forgotten. But it is possible to remember and to reconnect with the Godhood of Your Being.
We will do whatever we can to assist you to remember.

Programme Calendar

The Quickening – Dip. Metaphysics
December 16, 2019
To be revealed